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Balance: as a designer it's an essential component to any finished work. But what does balance really mean? What does it encompass?

For me, it's really about many things. From the actual visual design to balancing the businesses needs and goals.

See, when we're creating a website we don't want to cap creativity; we want to create cool things! We want to consider all the visual elements and techniques that create a good design.

However, that has to also be balanced with the user experience, conversion goals and the business logic necessary to deliver the goods or services.

Starts with a Conversation

All good design starts with a conversation between the client and creatives. It's a conversation where the designer(s) ask questions and the clients communicate their needs, vision or goals.

What problems are we trying to solve for them? How can we help their business?

A designers most important goal in these initial conversations is to listen. Then it's to take that knowledge to the drawing board…

The Design Starts from This Point

Layouts need to be balanced…

Color needs to be balanced…

Visuals are balanced…

Content is balanced…

And all that is balanced with what we know now about the clients vision, business needs and requirements.

Development Takes Over

Of course, when the design is done it is sent to the developer to translate that design into code and a functioning website.

From there the developer needs to understand what business logic is needed.

They are balancing their ability to translate the design they have been given and adding features that make things work!

They need to balance and bring together the right solutions to deliver a cohesive end-product that will perform well for the client.

Sometimes this means looping the designer and clients back into a conversation and asking more questions.

A Balanced Maintenance Plan

And the last step is to design a maintenance plan that makes sure all those things that have been balanced remain intact and balanced overtime.

A good maintenance plan will define how often things need to be updated, backed up and will provide updates overtime.

Something needs to be in place to offer options to scale, fix things or add features down the road.

Discussion – Design – Development – Maintenance

If any one of these things are not given proper attention, the website fails to deliver on its' full potential.

At the end of the day we want to create a really cool website. In fact, we love design. We want the design to stand-out so people will engage with the business in every way possible.

We want to be creative! Artsy if we can.. 😉

But at the end of the day, that ALWAYS has to be balanced with what every business has for a goal… profit. Whether that means strong calls to actions, buy buttons, selling stuff, building a list of fans…

…at the end of the day, our mission is to deliver something that is beautiful, functional and will help you ‘win'!

~Matt Levenhagen

Matt Levenhagen


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