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Matt Levenhagen

Founder & Web Designer, Unified Web Design, LLC

Matt Levenhagen launched his first website in the early 2000s. Over the next decade he became well known for his strategies around promoting affiliate products using pay per click advertising and SEO. Matt built 100s of niche websites to promote products in a wide range of markets and sold 1000s of his own digital products, eBooks, coaching programs and memberships to help others learn his methods.

Around 2012, for a number of reasons, it was time to make a change and refocus. Assessing what he’d been doing over the past decade, Matt decided he’d pursue one of his passions that grew out of it – Web Design & Development. Instead of building sites for himself, he would flip that, take what he’s learned and do it for others.

It all started with freelancing, then working full-time for a digital marketing company (over 3 years as their lead web developer and team lead) and launched back out on his own to start Unified Web Design, LLC in January, 2019.

When you work with Matt and his team, you aren’t getting ‘just another agency’. You get those decades of business, marketing and experience on the web baked in. You have someone leading a team who has lived and breathed the web for many years.

Check out Matt’s blog to follow his content, podcast and more!

Matt is a total pro and I can’t recommend him highly enough! I’ve hired him for several projects and his dedication to client success is second to none. It’s rare to find an expert web developer that is also dependable. If you need site dev, look no further than Matt!”


Brian Bauer, President
Bauer Entertainment Marketing

What Our Clients Have To Say

“For the past several months the Unified Web Design team has been a huge part of our success. Their design and technical experience have made our launches more efficient and faster because we no longer have to worry about web design or development.”

“They always, and I mean always deliver high quality projects on time and on budget. Communication and customer service are also top notch. Do not hesitate to work with them if you are looking for high quality web development and design services!”

Wilson Mattos, CEO
Rapid Crush, Inc.

“Working with Unified Web Design is a privilege for those seeking a talented and reliable web design and development provider. They have consistently proven to be an invaluable resource and always deliver amazing results. Their experience and technical acumen is impressive across a wide variety of categories and they have an uncanny ability to quickly find innovative and highly practical solutions for just about any challenge.”

“Matt Levenhagen and his team at Unified Web Design not only deliver clean, efficient, and impressive designs, but they back it up with customer service and support that has no equal in the industry. Any business with an online presence should seriously consider retaining Unified Web Design as one of their most trusted advisors.”

Denker Sage, Founder

“Unified Web Design are truly masters of all trades when it comes to WordPress. For some time now, Unified has been helping me maintain a huge, extremely high-traffic e-commerce site, and they’re always game to troubleshoot a problem and stick with it until it’s solved, no matter how unusual.”

“Unified is always lightning quick to respond and very detailed in their explanations of issues and their solutions. I couldn’t ask for a more reliable design and development partner and highly recommend their services to anyone looking for help on the web.”

Ryan Lawrence
BlueCap Web Design