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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, your website is not just a business card but a dynamic hub that embodies your  brand, mission, products or services. While the notion of “set it and forget it” is appealing, it’s a myth in the realm of web development.

Just like a city would crumble without regular upkeep, a website left unattended becomes a breeding ground for outdated content, security vulnerabilities , and subpar  performance, which can dramatically affect user experience and SEO rankings.

The time and resources spent on emergency fixes and damage control could be better invested in growth and innovation. Broken functionalities, security breaches, and outdated information aren’t mere annoyances. They’re critical lapses that can erode customer trust and divert your attention from core business activities.

That’s where Unified Maintenance comes in:

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    Focus on Flourishing: How much more could you achieve if the worry of website woes was lifted off your shoulders? With Unified Maintenance, immerse in delivering exceptional products and services, while we ensure your website is updated, bug-free, secure, and performing optimally.

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    Content Partnership: Crafting and updating compelling web content can be a demanding task. Why not let a seasoned partner ease the load? Whether it’s refreshing your pages or adding new content, we’re here to assist.

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    Ready-to-Deploy Design & Development: Fancy adding a new feature or tweaking the design? Our skilled designers and developers are at your beck and call, ready to bring your ideas to life without the hassle of scouting for talent every time you need a tech hand.

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    No More Fly-by-Night Fixes: The scramble to find a developer when things go south can be nerve-wracking. With Unified Maintenance, rest easy knowing a trusted team is always on standby, ready to swoop in when needed.

We're Here to Help –
Leverage Our Expertise

We know it can be tough getting help. But starting today, doesn't this sound good?

  • You’re working with a team that has experience maintaining busy eCommerce, memberships and other revenue generating websites.

  • You’ll be interfacing with someone on our team with the background, expertise and skills to ask the right questions and understand your website(s) or projects on day 1.

  • You’re working with an agency that has all the processes, the team and the ‘getting it done’ experience you need.

  • You’re working with an agency that does custom development – we have a deep knowledge of the ‘code’ that your website runs on.

You have enough to worry about. Don’t worry about if you are hiring a web developer that doesn’t know or doesn’t work to
understand your code deeply. Don’t risk what that can lead to – broken websites and/or long term costs to associated with fixing what another developer did.

Work with an agency that cares about your code , uses version control and other mechanisms to take great care of your most important asset online.

We’re A Stress Reliever

Peace of mind is hard to come by these days. There are a lot of pitfalls to finding a good agency to help you design, build and/or maintain a website. But there’s also a lot of pitfalls in leaving your website in the hands of others that don’t care or understand your code. I can tell you stories.. let’s talk.

If you work with us, you will have this side of your business solved.

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Get peace of mind with scheduled updates, backups, and urgent support at your fingertips. Our Security Assurance Package is your foundational safeguard.

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Elevate your tech game. Our Tech-Only Maintenance Package keeps your site updated, technically sound, and adds additional processes to keep things in good shape.

Starts at $600/mo.
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Our All-Inclusive Maintenance Package offers more robust Unified Support, help with features, integrations, and enhanced design and development services.

Starts at $1200/mo.
All packages include a complimentary site audit. Tech-Only and All-Inclusive plans are custom-priced post-audit.


AndersHansen.com website


In 2021 I got a message from someone on the marketing team at Anders Hansen.  They learned that we were doing maintenance and they were, at the time, having a lot of issues with their website.

Well, we swooped in and spent a good number of months getting them in a better place.  We stopped the site from crashing, moved them off a bad web host, moved all their domains off that web host and to this day we help keep their site up, running and maintained.

Regular WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates

Help with their Analytics and Other Integrations

Periodically Troubleshooting and Fixing Bugs

Reviewing Plugins They Want to Use (advising)

And Other General Maintenance

ShinySmileVeneers.com website


Early 2021 I was contacted by a friend who had a client he didn’t have time to help anymore. After connecting me with the owner of the site I learned he’d had a development team trying to fix something for him for 3 days! After I jumped in and fixed it within a few hours, we ended up doing more for him and eventually signing a monthly maintenance contract.

A couple years later we’re still under contract. We help them maintain and improve their WordPress and WooCommerce site. One of the first initiatives we had was to improve their speed (especially on mobile). They enjoy a much faster site today! We also helped them improve their code (which had been destroyed by previous developers) and improve everything overall.

Regular WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates

Helping with Integrations and Other Features

Periodically Troubleshooting and Fixing Bugs

Working with Their Support Team to Solve Technical Issues

They Also Use Our Designer (we've redesigned many sections of their site)

Building Custom Landing Pages, Product Pages and Other Features

Starts With An Introduction Call With Matt

Matt may be the guy that connects the dots and helps with all your web design or development needs.

He’s been doing business on the web since the early 2000s. (learn more about Matt’s experience on our team page: Unified Web Design). And he has a lot of knowledge and experience that gets baked into what he does for others.

Spend just 15 minutes with him, let him know what your needs are OR what you struggle with. If we decide we’re not a good fit right now, then maybe he’ll simply be a new friend in business; goodness knows you can never have enough of those.