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Engineering Uniqueness – The Builders Podcast Website Case Study

Discover a digital space where innovation meets listener engagement, hand-coded to perfection.


Custom Episode Filtering System Infinite Scroll Functionality Integrated Guest Bio Database Dynamic Content Integration and Display


In the bustling digital realm, The Builders Podcast emerges as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and technical prowess. This case study narrates the transformation of our website into a hub of custom functionality, conceptualized by our visionary host and Founder/CEO, Matt Levenhagen, and realized through the finesse of our in-house experts.

Feature 1: Custom Episode Filter

Navigating the wealth of knowledge our podcast offers is now a seamless experience, thanks to our custom-built episode filter. With a click, listeners can sift through ‘All’, ‘Solo Episodes’, or ‘Guest Episodes’, each category resonating with a different facet of our audience’s quest for insights. This feature, a brainchild of our host, was crafted with bespoke JavaScript code, steering away from the commonplace and steering towards the unique.

The Infinite Scroll
The journey through our episodes is as uninterrupted as our stream of entrepreneurial wisdom, courtesy of the infinite scroll feature. A visitor’s exploration is endless, as new episodes gracefully appear, inviting continuous discovery without the jolt of traditional pagination.

Feature 2: Dynamic Bio Section

Our guest bio section is a standalone library, rich with the stories of our inspiring guests. It’s a searchable compendium that links each guest’s narrative to their episodes—past and present. Configured with Advanced Custom Fields and a custom post-type, this database is an exemplar of how we marry content management ease with deep, interconnected storytelling.

The Cohesive Link
A guest’s contribution to The Builders is more than a single episode; it’s a legacy. That’s why each bio is not just a static entry but a living profile that accumulates their episodes over time, all accessible through a custom dropdown block on each episode page.

Feature 3: Custom Hero Image with Dynamic Guest Montage

Elevate the narrative of “The Builders” with a custom hero image that captures the essence of our podcast’s community. This mosaic of past guests not only adds a personal touch but also visually represents the diverse stories and insights shared on our platform. It’s more than a design element; it’s a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that connects our audience with the voices that have shaped the industry, all brought to life with in-house creativity and design expertise.


But our website’s innovation isn’t limited to these highlights. Every episode page is a portal, offering a window to the visual narrative through a YouTube video, dynamically displayed via an ACF field. Our guest images adapt to various displays and aspect ratios, ensuring visual harmony across devices.

Design Meets Function
Each bio layout—comprising social icons, headshots, and episodic links—is a custom design marvel, a visual symphony orchestrated by our designers and brought to life through ACF fields.

The Builders Podcast website is a digital ecosystem where every element, from the episode filter to the guest bios, is a chapter of our ongoing story of innovation. It’s where custom coding and powerful plugins like Advanced Custom Fields converge to create an unparalleled user experience.

Join us on this journey of discovery, where every click reveals the passion and precision that shape our digital presence.

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