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Gravity Forms Multi-Page Form Custom Designed Form and Tabs Zapier & Salesforce Integration


In a collaborative endeavor that epitomizes synergy, our agency was tasked with a specialized segment of a larger web design project. Our role was pivotal: to develop a multi-page form that not only streamlines user interaction but also seamlessly integrates with the client’s Salesforce CRM system. The project’s intricacy was matched by our commitment to design and technical precision, ensuring that the final product was not just functional but also congruent with the overarching website design.

The Challenge

Our client’s objective was clear: to provide a user-friendly, multi-step form that could capture detailed user information and funnel it directly into their Salesforce database. The form needed to be intuitive, guiding users through a series of questions that would dynamically adjust based on their previous answers. This required a deep understanding of both user experience design and backend logic.

The Solution

Custom-Designed Form and User Journey
Leveraging Gravity Forms, we crafted a custom multi-page form that was both aesthetically pleasing and rich in functionality. The design was tailored to reflect the client’s brand, maintaining a visual consistency throughout the user journey.

Intelligent Logic and Conditional Flow
We incorporated advanced conditional logic to ensure that the form’s flow was responsive to user inputs, presenting a personalized experience. This logic was crucial in guiding users through the form, reducing friction, and increasing completion rates.

Seamless CRM Integration
Through Zapier, we created a robust integration with Salesforce, allowing for real-time data transfer. Each submission was meticulously mapped to the corresponding Salesforce fields, ensuring that no data was lost in translation.

Our collaboration with the referring agency was instrumental in executing a project of this caliber. Our teams worked in tandem to populate Salesforce fields and rigorously test the integration. The partnership highlighted our ability to complement and enhance the capabilities of other agencies.

Design Meets Functionality
The form was not just a standalone element but a harmonious part of the website, thanks to our in-house designer. This integration extended beyond visuals; it was about creating an experience that was both engaging and efficient.

The deployment of the multi-page form marked a significant enhancement in the client’s data collection process. With an intuitive interface and a direct line to Salesforce, the client’s team can now engage with leads more effectively, fostering a more productive follow-up process.

Our involvement in this project underscores our expertise in creating sophisticated, user-centric digital solutions. By focusing on both the user experience and backend functionality, we delivered a product that not only meets our client’s needs but also drives their success.

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