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"We Forge Partnerships with Agencies & Businesses to Elevate Their Online Presence. Specializing in collaboration with Design, Development, and Marketing Teams, we're dedicated to enhancing the digital journey of your clientele."

Visionary Craft, Tailored Web Solutions

Meet the Founder, Matt Levenhagen

In the dynamic web landscape of the early 2000s, Matt Levenhagen began his journey, charting a course through the digital unknown. His early endeavors of crafting over a hundred niche websites and mastering affiliate marketing strategies laid the groundwork for a broader vision. Today, he stands at the helm of Unified Web Design, LLC, a beacon of bespoke digital experiences and innovation.

Since 2012, Matt has applied his in-depth knowledge of pay-per-click advertising and SEO to design and develop web solutions for others, refining a unique blend of strategy and creativity that drives success. These insights form the core of his guidance to clients and strategic partners, shaping web presences that stand out in the digital landscape.

Unified Web Design, founded in January 2019, represents a significant evolution of Matt’s career—from solo achievements in affiliate marketing to crafting comprehensive web strategies for a diverse clientele. It’s more than a design agency; it’s a partnership hub where agencies and businesses come to bolster their online footprint.

When collaborating with Matt and his seasoned team of web artisans, you tap into a deep well of business acumen, marketing savvy, and web mastery, all honed over years of tangible experience. At Unified, every project is an opportunity to sculpt a web presence finely tuned to resonate within the digital realm and beyond.