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In the realm of web design and development, the allure of ready-made themes and plugins is undeniable. WordPress, with its vast ecosystem, offers a plethora of options, making it a go-to for many businesses seeking to establish or upgrade their online presence.

This accessibility fuels the DIY spirit, empowering individuals and companies to take the reins of their web projects with out-of-the-box solutions. Yet, while these pre-built options offer convenience and control, they often come with limitations that can stifle truly unique business needs and visions.

I have worked with a lot of businesses over the years that moved from old frameworks or other CMS (content management systems) to WordPress. Even a recent example (very, working on this project as I write this), we have a client that's on Concrete5, but they have an add-on that is failing them.

After a failed attempt to make it work, I suggested to build this piece, this feature, on WordPress (on a separate domain) because there are better out-of-the-box solutions in that ecosystem. We'll make it look seamless. The user won't know the difference. But now they open up their options dramatically and it's easier and less costly.

I've had clients who struggled to update their site (they needed a developer, us, to do almost anything on the site) for years and they finally moved to a better platform; WordPress of course! There are many stories like this.

However, the one-size-fits-all approach WordPress provides, even with the extensive functionalities of WooCommerce and various add-ons, often falls short of meeting the unique requirements and visions of businesses striving to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

At Unified Web Design, LLC, we understand that your business is as unique as your fingerprint. It's not just about having a website; it's about crafting a digital experience that resonates with your brand, streamlines your operations, and captivates your audience. This is where our custom web design and development services come into play, bridging the gap between your business's unique needs and the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions.

Why Build a Custom Website or Feature?

  • Unique Business Needs: Each business operates differently, with specific needs related to sales processes, information collection, and checkout flows. Off-the-shelf plugins and themes, while functional, may not offer the flexibility required to tailor these processes to your precise specifications.
  • APIs and Integrations: In today's interconnected digital ecosystem, the ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party services and APIs is crucial. Whether it's enhancing user experience or connecting with essential business systems, custom solutions allow for a level of integration beyond the capabilities of standard plugins.
  • Custom Checkout Processes: For businesses with specialized sales operations or unique company processes, the checkout experience can be a make-or-break point in the customer journey. Custom development enables the creation of bespoke (custom) checkout flows that align with your business's operational model and customer expectations.
  • Exclusive Customer Portals & Experiences: Imagine a customer portal that not only serves your clients but also stands as a testament to your brand's commitment to excellence and innovation. Such custom portals (we built one recently that was developed as a headless solution) for greater flexibility and performance, offer functionalities tailored to your business and its clientele.
  • Branding and Standout Design: In a world where digital first impressions matter, a unique brand requires a website that embodies its essence. Custom web design ensures that your online presence is not just another template but a distinct, memorable experience that sets you apart.

Our Approach to Custom Solutions

At Unified Web Design, we start with the building blocks provided by WordPress and its rich ecosystem. We then let your business requirements and our collective imagination drive the development of innovative solutions. Our process involves:

  1. Understanding Your Unique Needs: Every custom project begins with a deep dive into your business operations, goals, and challenges. This understanding forms the foundation of our strategy.
  2. Leveraging Existing Tools Wisely: We don't believe in reinventing the wheel. Wherever possible, we utilize existing tools and technologies as a springboard to develop custom functionalities that fulfill your specific requirements.
  3. Innovating Beyond Boundaries: Whether it's through headless CMS architectures for superior performance and flexibility, or bespoke integrations that bring your business ecosystem together, we push the boundaries of what's possible.
  4. Commitment to Your Brand: Our design philosophy centers on creating custom web experiences that not only function flawlessly but also exquisitely reflect your brand's identity and ethos.


In an era where digital differentiation is key, opting for custom web design and development services from Unified Web Design means choosing to stand out, to innovate, and to tailor the web to work for you. Whether it's a distinctive checkout process, a seamless integration with third-party APIs, or a customer portal that perfectly encapsulates your brand, our team is dedicated to transforming your unique vision into a digital reality.

Let's embark on this creative journey together. With Unified Web Design by your side, the possibilities are limitless.

Matt Levenhagen


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